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Our services

We provide data science and treatment as a consultancy service
that turns customer data into actionable insights
and ready-to-use solutions to get, to keep and to increase customers.

Customer data roadmap

How to define your goal with customer centricity?

How to define your goal with customer centricity?

We co-create roadmaps and action plans enabling you to actively ‘capitalize’ on your data. We focus on capturing, enriching and acting upon data in an off- and online world. We asist in identifying and prioritizing the data, tools, channels, and people in order to build a truly data-driver customer centric organisation.

Customer scorecards, data & customer value analysis

How to know your customers?

How to know your customers?

Measuring is key to keep track of customers. Data mining and machine learning algorithms create a deeper understanding of the customer: what are his needs & interests, what is he looking for and what is his potential? Glickman focuses on the value and contribution of the customers and link these back to the operations and customer strategy.

Customer segmentations

How to discover what your customers are looking for?

How to discover what your customers are looking for?

To evolve from product-centered marketing to customer-centered segmentation, you first need to know with what you create value for whom. We combine value, usage and needs based segmentations that inspire the value propositions customers are really looking for.

Actionable customer insights

How to know what your customers will probably do in the future?

How to know what your customers will probably do in the future?

Glickman creates propensity models and ‘lookalikes’ to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. The goal is to go beyond knowing what has happened to providing a best assessment of what will happen in the future.

Next best offers & contact strategy

How to help your customers to find all they're looking for and reach them when you're most?

How to help your customers to find all they're looking for and reach them when you're most welcome?

How to help your customers to find all they’re looking for and reach them when you’re most welcome?
To get to segmented, personalized and re-active marketing, Glickman co-creates the next best action for the customer; leading to best lifetime value and customer loyalty.

Our mission is to help our customers to capitalize on their data
delivering a better customer experience and improved customer lifetime value.

“We have data but no strategy to create value with”

We help creating a data strategy roadmap.

“We want to use customer data as driving force for our digital transformation”

We start with customer tagging to target value proposals. Then we define a roadmap to segmented, personalized and re-active marketing. Then we co-implement.

“We have great data driven tools but our prospects don’t see the value”

We create a bridge between ‘the product’ and the customers business.

“We want to use our customer data to create insights in our customers’ value and needs”

We bring insights with RFM models, segmentations,…

“We miss skills and bandwith in our team and extra help”

We join the team and support and deliver.

“Help us to find and act upon the quick wins in our customer data base”

We listen to the business, scan the data and deliver campaign propositions.

What’s in it for you?

We create actionable tools...


…to offer adequate products and services to potential customers


…to make the relationship valuable and retain customers at risk


…to design offers that meet real needs of actual customers

Our clients

Our customers are both local and international. We focus on financial services,
business services, retail, insurance, and telco.
We help teams starting from scratch as well as data champions.

Our team

We are data science consultants with 90 years of cumulated experience
in both data and marketing management.

Alain Glickman
Alain GlickmanFounding Partner, Insights
Jacques Recourdon
Jacques RecourdonManaging Partner, Marketing
Matej Karpisek
Matej KarpisekPartner, Marketing Analytics
Herwig Goemans
Herwig GoemansConsultant, SQL and Process Automation
Daniele Mattei
Daniele MatteiConsultant, CRM Analytics
Gershon Lehrer
Gershon LehrerJunior Data Developer
Lander Dellafaille
Lander DellafailleConsultant, Data Scientist


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