Glickman is proud to be at the first edition of Supernova among disruptors, game-changers and companies of tomorrow.

Glickman partners up with Datascouts and Velocitas with the straight forward belief that collective intelligence drives your growth.

With this partnership, we bundle innovative data-driven tools & services to drive your growth.

Do you want to/plan to?

  • Consistently track  your market & competitors
  • Launch a new product or service in the market? You will need to know the market, the potential and sales approach
  • Expand to a new region or dig deeper on your current market? We fuel your sales team with the right prospects
  • Get more out of your current customer base


Relevant? Come and meet us at our booth and discover if we can replicate the successes we booked with our customers for you.

We have a network event @ the booth
Join us on Friday from 14-18h for a drink


more info

When: September 27 ∙ 28 ∙ 29 ∙ 30 2018

Velocitas – Datascouts- Glickman – network event: Friday 28th at 14:00 untill ’18:00!

Where: Waagnatie at Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerp

There might be simple answers to your business development journey, let’s explore them together.